Round Classical TFT LCD Multifunctional Sport Smart Watch Misirun- ZL-02

20-day Battery Life| Super retina screen all-day display|IP67 waterproof|Remote control phone camera|Health monitoring|6+Sports modes|Suitable for iOS and Android
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Remote control phone camera

Use this function to
Better posture or photo vision to take selfies or group photos.
Turn on the camera function in the app, you can
Use this smart bracelet to easily control the phone camera.

Call /Message Alerts and Dispaly

You can get call, SMS text and SNS messages including Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, Linkedin, Messenger and more, email, calendar alerts When the smart watch is synced to the smartphone.

The watch receives messages, calls, and app notifications by getting a vibration alert on the watch device

More functions know you better

The general functions

Dial,Exercise heart rate/resting heart rate monitoring,Sport,Sleep monitoring,Blood pressure,
Call/Message notification,Reminder,Alarm
Take photo,Lift the wrist bright screen,System switching
Sedentary reminder,Stopwatch
Countdown,Find phone,Brightness adjustment,Light up time adjustment
Touch control


Music controller

Tap the mens watch to play or pause music and switch songs without having to take your phone from your pocket.Free your hands during doing sports!

Music control, choose your favorite music on your wrist.
Camera control, free your hand to hold phone, operate in the smart watch directly.
The find phone feature can help you find phones that are out of sight.



IP67 waterproof

Multiple Sports Modes

The correct way for connecting your watch with your phones.

Misirun-ZL02 Smart watch


Main control chip:           GR5515/DA14683

Heart rate sensor:               SC7R311

Acceleration sensor:           SC7A20

Storage:                             External Flash 64Mb

Display screen:                 1.28" 240*240 full fit full touch screen

Battery capacity:               polymer 220 mA

Bottom shell:                     ABS+PC

Front shell:                         glass

Body size:                     Ø45.5mm x (thickness) 10mm

Weight:                           35g

Bluetooth:                       5.0

Support mobile phone version:               iOS 9.0 and above Android 5.0 and above

Waterproof:                       IP67



The main functions of the bracelet: display, side buttons, dial, exercise heart rate/rest

heart rate detection, exercise, sleep detection, blood pressure, call/message content

push, message reminder, alarm clock, and photo. Raise your wrist to brighten the

screen, switch the system, remind you to sit for a long time, stopwatch, find your


Main functions of APP: step counting, heart rate data synchronization APP, exercise,

sleep, history record, alarm clock setting, exercise goal setting

Support languages: The bracelet interface supports English, Simplified Chinese, French

, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (multiple languages are supported for

message content push)


Q1:1. Why does the smart bracelet automatically disconnect Bluetooth when the Android screen goes out?

1> Lock background APP. When the| JYouPro process is cleared,
the smart bracelet will be disconnected from the mobile phone.
2 > Set APP self-startup
3 > Unrestricted background operation. The Android mobile
phone installed with APP intelligently restricts the background
operation by default, and App should be set manually without
any restriction.

Q2:  Why cannot the smart bracelet receive message push?

1> Please confirm that you have turned on the switch for
message push at the mobile phone client.
2 > Please confirm that messages can be displayed normally in
the mobile phone notification bar. The message push on the
smart bracelet is completed by reading the message from the
mobile phone notification bar. The smart bracelet will not
receive the message push if there is no message in the mobile
phone notification bar. (You need to find notification settings
in the mobile phone settings, and turn on the notification
switch of WeChat, QQ, call, SMS and mobile phone client).
3 >Turn on the mobile phone --- Settings. Enter " Notification
use right" on the top search box, re-open JYouPro.

Q3: Why can't take a hot bath with the smart bracelet?

the bath water has a relatively high temperature, and
generates a lot of vapor which is in the gas phase with small
molecular radius and can easily infiltrate into the smart bracelet
from the shell gap. When the temperature drops down, the
vapor will condensate into liquid-phase droplets which will
easily cause the short circuit inside the smart bracelet and
damage the circuit board and then damage the smart bracelet.

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