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MISIRUN is a renowned manufacturer specializing in the production of smart watches, we have been enjoying an exceptionally favorable reputation within the industry. The sports watches produced have been exported to many countries and regions such as Africa, Singapore, the United States and Pakistan. Over the years, we have been consistently providing satisfactory products to local consumers globally.

MISIRUN has introduced the most advanced smart watches production technology in the world, and we invested a great deal in research and development. Our Sport watches are not only available in the most competitive pricing range, but also with a variety of features. With every generation, the Sport watches are even more sophisticated and can make their users even better Holiday to stand by the side of the sport and everyday life. The key point of our sport watches is to help users to train more effectively and to live healthier lives. The sporty smartwatches are no longer toys, but very serious health gadgets that can really help the user in his fitness efforts.

No matter what type of sports watch you are looking for, MISIRUN can provide you with, and cost-effectiveness is what we always seek. At MISIRUN you are ensured to enjoy the most cost-effective shopping journey.

If you are intrigued to get to know more about our sport watches, do not hesitate to contact us; we will provide you with the most comprehensive quotation and service. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Sports Watches

The technological process of sports watch:

System structure design→component preparation→assembly→compiled code and upload→Android/ios software and source code→function introduction→external structure production.

First, the system structure needs to be designed; we can develop applications based on the Android/ios system, allowing the sports watch to connect with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Afterward, components are prepared, including microcontrollers, Bluetooth, display screens, buttons, batteries, resistors, and other components.

The next procedure is to compile the corresponding code and upload it. MISIRUN's sports watches can be applied to iOS and Android systems. The application is very convenient. After the components and the system are installed, the shell of the sports watch needs to be assembled, and then it can be used after Bluetooth pairing with the smart phone.

Further explanation

MISIRUN is an exceptionally experienced sports watch manufacturer, and MISIRUN has introduced cutting-edge sports watches production technology within the industry with the most advanced tech; The sports watches developed and produced enjoy a very high reputation in the industry and have been recognized by many consumers globally.

Therefore, all types of sport watches are manufactured in accordance with industry standards, the quality precisely meeting the market standards. Our sports watches have an exceptionally competitive price with premium performance. MISIRUN has been summing up experience in many years of development, and carefully listening to consumers’ suggestions, combining innovation with consumer needs, and relying on continuous innovation capabilities, eventually becoming one of the most well-known brands in the industry. So we listen carefully to the suggestions of consumers for producing satisfying goods in return. As a renowned smartwatch manufacturer, we are consistently leading the development of the smartwatch industry. If you need such a high-quality and cost-effective sports watch, I believe that MISIRUN will be your most trustworthy choice.

MISIRUN’s sports watches are available in various styles. Generally speaking, the two most basic styles are round disc and square disc. In addition, our sports watches also have a variety of functions. For instance, features in multi-language, full touch screen, waterproof, blood pressure monitoring, location tracking, color screen, strong battery life, Bluetooth calls, 8+ sports mode, applicable to iOS and Android systems, etc., using sports watches intend to make your Life much more easier and smarter.

Life lies in exercise; sports watches will make your exercise much painful. Sports watches are the best example of practicality. Our sports watches are water-resistant, have illumination, and provide an easy-to-use interface of a few buttons to do most of what users need during a day. Even if your watch doesn’t collect a single step, heartbeat, or location, the watch is still practical enough to have value. Our sports watches that use small replaceable batteries are great because you don’t worry about charging them, and reliability is the ultimate form of practicality.

Due to the improvement of the aesthetic ability of modern consumers, MISIRUN has developed and produced a variety of fashionable sports watches in order to meet the needs of more consumers. It also has the function of automatically setting the dial. Due to the overall simplicity of a watch, even with additional features, just glancing at the face does enough to make a difference in training and life.

In fact, the price of this sports watch is relatively pricy, but you don’t have to worry about it at all. MISIRUN will provide you with the most competitive price. We have effectively controlled the cost during the production process so that you can buy the highest quality sports watch at the lowest price.

If you are hesitating and do not know how to choose, you are welcome to get in touch with us for some constructive advice; we will answer your questions about sports watches thoroughly, and provide you with the most satisfactory service; I believe you will be more than satisfied at the end!

Sports Watches: A Complete Buying Guide:

Do you like sports very much and want to buy a sports watch to improve the efficiency of exercise? For some common questions about sports watches, the following will give you detailed answers:

1.What Is A Sporty Watch?

Sports watch is a watch that can be used during exercise, which will improve the quality of exercise in an all-round way. It mainly includes an alarm clock, stopwatch, compass, heart rate monitor, speedometer, thermometer, tide indicator, and Bluetooth to play music and answer calls.

2.Benefits Of Sport Watch

a.Make exercise easier: 8+ exercise mode, which can play music through Bluetooth, which will make exercise simple and efficient.

b.Punctuality: The sports watch is easier to tell the time, allowing you to exercise within the specified time.

c.Strong practicability: Sports watches have a variety of functions, such as waterproofing, lighting, heart rate monitoring, etc., which are very suitable for use during exercise.

d.It can provide effective feedback: real-time feedback of your physical health can be provided by monitoring heart rate and blood pressure.

e.Long battery life: More than 20 days of battery life can make you exercise more at ease.

3.How Sport Watches Work

The working principle of a sports watch is mainly to integrate the watch with a built-in intelligent system, equipped with a smartphone system and connected to the network to achieve multi-functions. It can synchronize calls, emails, photos, music, etc. in the phone. In addition, the sports watch can also record daily exercise. The situation and sleep time, as well as monitoring heart rate, etc., are very rich in functions.

4.Sports Watches Maintenance Process

a.Keep your wrist clean during daily use, and it is forbidden to beat the sports watch.

b.When not in use, it should be placed in a dry place and put in a box to prevent dust accumulation.

c.Wipe gently with a soft cloth to avoid scratches on the sports watch.

d.After washing the wristband, dry it for use.

e.When not in use for a long time, the sports watch should be charged regularly to prevent battery damage.

5.How Much Do Sport Watches Cost

A lot of people want to buy sports watches, but they are always concerned about the price of sports watches. The price differences of sports watches of different brands are relatively significant. When you consider the price, meanwhile, performance should also be a very important point for you to consider. The sports watches provided by MISIRUN are very cost-effective. Within the same price, we can promise that our sports watches will have the highest quality, which can satisfy you in terms of quality and performance.

6.How To Troubleshoot Sport Watch

a.The device has no signal when installing the card: check the size of the device's card, open the corresponding package, check the card installation steps and directions, install the card according to the card insertion method prompted by the device, install the card first, and then turn it on.

b.Unable to turn on, black screen: Check whether the charging cable and charging head are in good condition, and charge the sports watchin time. Return to the factory for hardware inspection and replace the battery or display screen.

c.Inaccurate positioning: update in real time, calibrate the positioning information, send instructions to query the ID to see if the ID is correct, and whether it is duplicated with other user IDs

7.Types of Sports WatchIn The Market

Sports watches can be divided into three categories according to the types of their motion sensors: pedometer watches, GPS watches, and heart rate watches.

Pedometer watch: The motion sensor of the pedometer watch is a 3D acceleration sensor, which can sense the three-dimensional acceleration of the human body when it is moving, so as to record the number of steps per unit time, and at the same time can calculate the human body's movement speed, distance, and estimated consumption Calories etc.

GPS watch: GPS watch calculates the moving distance per unit time by receiving the satellite position signal WAYPOINT, and calculates the moving speed.

Heart rate watch: The heart rate watch uses the heartbeat current of the human body to measure the heart rate of the human body. The heart rate of the human body is different at different exercise intensities. Different heart rate regions can be selected to achieve different training exercise effects.

8.How to Verify Quality of sport watch

When you get a brand new sports watch, you should carry out some basic quality inspection activities, so as to ensure the normal use of the follow-up.

a.Appearance inspection: Whether the appearance is scratched or damaged.

b.Performance test: Check whether its functions are complete and whether it can be connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth to realize functions such as listening to music and answering calls.

c.Battery consumption: Check the battery usage time, the battery life is closely related to the life of the sports watch.

9.Sports Watches Validation Documents

All MISIRUN sports watches are produced in accordance with industry standards, and their quality meets specifications. Now they have obtained CE certification, FCC certification, ISO certification and other international organization certifications. The quality is very reliable and will give you the most enjoyable shopping experience.

10.What is the difference between a sports watchand a smartwatch?

In fact, smartwatches are an extension of smartphones, and sports watches and smartwatches are almost the same; using the same technology, download the corresponding application on the sports watch, you can use it as a smartwatch and exercise at the same time.  Sport watches also usually have all the functions of a smartwatch.

11.Future Of Sports Watches

Smartwatches and intelligent accessories are increasingly competitive with traditional watches. The new Watch Innovation Forum at MISIRUN   addresses the risks and opportunities of this development provides an important impetus, and puts forth solutions for the future. MISIRUN has always been committed to R&D and innovation. MISIRUN believes that in the future, sports watches will become an independent existence away from smartphones.  At the same time, it can have all the functions of a smartphone; it is highly possible to realize some intelligent operations to provide more convenience to consumers.

12.Why Choose MISIRUN's Sports Watch?

MISIRUN is a well-known sports watch manufacturer in the industry. It has a wealth of research and development experience and represents the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. The sports watches we produce have been recognized by many consumers globally.

We can provide consumers with the highest quality sports watches. Various styles are leading the development of fashion trends, with complete functions and a variety of sports modes, making your sports easier and more efficient.

And we can provide very preferential prices. Countless customers have said that our sports watches are very cost-effective. If you are choosing a high-quality sports watch, I believe that MISIRUN will be your most trusted choice. No matter what questions you have, you can contact us and we will provide you with the most comprehensive answer!