Detail Introduction

MISIRUN is a watch and headset manufacturer integrating R&D, production, sales, and service. We have more than ten years of experience in this industry. The smartwatches developed and produced have reached the world's leading level and enjoy an exceptionally high industry reputation.

MISIRUN has invested a great deal in research and development and has introduced the most advanced production technology globally, using accessories from internationally renowned brands. The smartwatches produced are of supreme quality.

Nowadays, smartwatches are widely favored by the public globally, especially among young people.  Therefore, the market demand has been increasingly great over the years. Suppose you need such a high-end smartwatch with the most competitive price. Then, you've come to the right place, and you are ensured to get the most out of what you pay for. We believe that MISIRUN will be your most trustworthy choice.

MISIRUN will provide you with the complete quotation and the best service. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Smart Watch

The process flow of the smart watch: smart movement test → size measurement → case assembly → APP connection → waterproof test → quality control → strap elasticity test → packaging.

1.Smart movement test: Based on smart technology, it makes the design more intelligent and ensures that thesmartwatch can accurately record various data, such as monitoring your sleep patterns and quality.

2.Size measurement: Ensure that each component of the smartwatch has the size specified in the technical drawing.

3.Watch case assembly: Put the battery, movement, dial, and hands together to form a watch case, and use an air pressure machine to remove dust.

4.APP connection: Test each smartwatchto ensure that it can be connected to a Bluetooth device, which can be used for activity tracking, sleep monitoring and other intelligent functions.

5.Waterproof test: Use a pressure tester to test the waterproof ability of the smart watch, and pass a special leak machine test to ensure that no water enters the case.

6.Quality monitoring: Vibration test is carried out in the vibrating machine to ensure that the internal components of the smartwatch will not undergo any displacement during the wearing process.

7.Strap elasticity test: Test the strap on an elastic machine to ensure that thesmartwatch can be used for a long time.

8.Packaging: Smartwatches that have been inspected and in good quality will be cleaned before packaging.

Further Explanation

Today's smart wearable devices have been integrated into the lives of many urbanizes, and are rapidly and profoundly affecting people's daily lives. MISIRUN has always been committed to the research and development of smart devices, and smartwatches are one of MISIRUN's most cost-effective devices.

MISIRUN invested a great deal in research and development. The technology was applied using the most advanced production experience globally, and selected components from major well-known brands, so that we produce exceptionally cost-effective smartwatches.

Our smartwatches have a variety of shapes to choose from for customers around the globe, such as circular shapes, square shapes, black, champagne and colored screens, etc. You can choose your favorite style. In addition, MISIRUN smartwatches have a very wide range of applications, which can be used in daily life. Providing you with great convenience in life and leading you into the intelligent age.

MISIRUN’s smartwatches adopt an intelligent touch screen mode, which is very user-friendly. You can touch the screen to take pictures, or you can connect the smart watch to some APPs to achieve services such as receiving text messages and answering calls, or recording your sleep and checking your health status, etc. Of course, after the smartwatch is connected to your Bluetooth, you can easily achieve music control. When you go out, a small watch can solve most of the problems for you.

MISIRUNEileen has carried out repeated experiments in order to make the smartwatch with the highest quality. Our smartwatch has a long battery life, the battery life can last up to 25 days and is also waterproof. You can use it basically on any occasion. It is very convenient to use and has a very long use time.

Today, MISIRUN’s smartwatches have been exported to many countries and regions around the world and have become one of the most popular smart devices among young people. If you are thinking about buying a smartwatch, I believe MISIRUN will provide you with the most satisfactory service. You don't have to worry about the price at all. After all, cost-effectiveness is one of our most competitive factors.

Although MISIRUN cannot promise you the lowest price, what MISIRUN can promise you is that within the same price, the quality of our smartwatches is the highest. If you are interested, please get in touch with us, and we will be here for you to provide the most cost-effective smartwatch!

Smartwatches: A Complete Buying Guide:

Do you like smartwatches very much and want to buy a high-quality smartwatch?

The following will answer some common questions about smartwatches in detail for you.

1.Benefits of Smartwatch

a.Check your physical health, including recording your sleep and monitoring your heart rate.

b.Play music for you.

c.Provide you with a variety of sports modes, including tennis, running, walking, cycling, and badminton.

d.Smart notification, you can receive and read text messages so that you won't miss any important calls.

e.Smart dial replacement, you can choose the dial you like.

f.Provide you with navigation services.

2.How Smartwatches Connect To A Phone

You need to install some applications on the smartwatch on your smartphones, such as Android Wear or Apple Watch, then open these programs on your smartphone, and turn on Bluetooth to connect the phone to the smartwatch, so you can easily use your smartwatch.

3.How Long to Charge A Smartwatch

The charging time of most smartwatches is about 2 hours, and you can charge your smartwatches in the evening when having a time for leisure and entertainment.

4.How Smartwatch Works

The smartwatch needs to be connected to the smartphone. You need to turn on the Bluetooth device and connect the smartwatch with the smartphone. Then you can start some mobile phone applications on the smartwatch, such as playing music and reading text messages.

5.What Is The Purpose of A Smartwatch

Smartwatches are very versatile. As long as the smartwatch is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, then you can use the smartwatch to play music, time, read text messages, answer calls, monitor your heart rate, monitor your sleep, etc..

6.What Is The Price Of The Smartwatch

Different brands of smartwatches have different prices. When buying smartwatches, price is not the only choice factor. You should pay more attention to the price-performance ratio. MISIRUN can provide you with the most cost-effective smartwatches, within the same price range, you are guaranteed to obtain the best quality. At MISIRUN, you will buy the highest quality smartwatches at the lowest price.

7.Smartwatch Validation Documents

MISIRUN’s smartwatches are all made with high-quality components, have very high-quality standards, and comply with industry standards. We have obtained CE certification, FCC certification, WEEE certification, TELEC certification, RoHS certification, and BQB certification, as well as organization certification. Therefore, you can purchase and use it with absolute confidence.

8.How Smartwatches Measure Heart Rate

The smartwatches use the knowledge of spectroscopy to measure your heart rate from your wrist with a flashing green light. Spectroscopy shows that blood can absorb green light because red and green are opposite on the color wheel. The optical sensor on the back of the smartwatch will be used to detect reflected light.

9.How To Troubleshoot Smartwatch

a.The battery is dead: turn down the brightness of the smartwatch and turn off some unnecessary functions to prevent the background from consuming power inadvertently, or you can carry a charger and power bank with you.

b.Unable to perform voice control: try different tones and volumes, and minimize the background noise; if it still doesn't work, you can manually operate the smartwatch, set up some quick message replies, etc.

c.Touch screen problem: Check whether there is dust on the screen that affects the touch, check whether your smartwatch is in an over-cold or over-heated temperature, restore the smartwatch to normal temperature, and check whether the screen has malfunctioned after installing the program. Otherwise, you can uninstall the program and restart the smartwatch. If it still doesn’t work, you need to find a professional to repair it.

d.Loss of data: Unpair your smartwatchwith your phone, back up the data, and configure the new phone for use. If the data has been completely lost, then you need to find a professional to help you restore the data.

10.Smartwatch Maintenance Process

When wearing a smartwatch, it is necessary to keep the watch and skin in a clean and dry state. If you sweat during wearing, you need to wipe off the sweat in time. Wipe the smartwatch with a soft cloth regularly to remove the dirt in the crevices and prevent dust accumulation from affecting the use. After rinsing the strap with water, it needs to be dried before use.

11.Types Of Smartwatch In The Market

The smartwatches currently on the market can be roughly divided into two categories:

1.With call function: support the insertion of SIM card, can be understood as a smartphone in the form of a watch, most of which use the Android system.

2.Without call function: relying on smartphones to achieve various functions, you can synchronize calls, text messages, emails, photos, music, etc. in the smartphone.

12.Future of Smartwatches

The intelligence of smartwatches is the foundation of development. Most smartwatches on the market now rely on smartphones. In the future, smartwatches will completely get rid of smartphones, with stronger functions, more fashionable designs, lower prices, and even it will also replace smartphones and become a more convenient and intelligent device.

13.Why Choose MISIRUN's Smartwatches?

MISIRUN is a well-known smartwatch manufacturer in the industry. Over the years, we have provided countless consumers with satisfactory smartwatches. At present, MISIRUN’s smartwatches have been exported to Singapore, the United States, Canada, and other countries and regions.

MISIRUN's smartwatches are effectively practical, beautiful in appearance, and highly intelligent, which can bring great convenience to your life. In addition, we can also provide you with competitively low prices, allowing you to enjoy the most cost-effective shopping trip.

In addition, we can also provide a 12-month warranty, 30-day return, and other services, so you have no worries at all. If you need such a high-quality smartwatch, do not hesitate to contact us. I believe our cooperation will be enjoyable!