The Functions and Uses of Sports Watches

The Functions and Uses of Sports Watches

How to Choose an Ideal Sports Watch?

How to Use a Sports Watch Properly?

How to Correctly Maintain Sports Watches?

What are the Functions of Sports Watches?

The digital age is taking over the way we interact with the world. First, it was desktops, then laptops, then smartphones, and now it seems that the watch industry has followed suit.

The growing popularity of smartwatches isn’t unwarranted, though, because they provide significant benefits that make our everyday lives easier. If you’re a proud owner of analog watches and are considering switching to digital, here are the  benefits you can gain from having your very own smartwatch. Sports watches refer to watches that support outdoor running, indoor running, swimming, hiking, fitness, yoga and other functions. Aside from that, they can display sports environment conditions, physical conditions and record sports data in real time.

Under normal circumstances, sport watches can be divided into ordinary sports watches and professional sports watches. When buying, you can choose according to your actual needs. HAve you ever wondered what are the things to look into when selecting a sports watch that suits you the best?

  1. Ordinary sports watches

Such watches are suitable for daily wear. These watches are beautiful in appearance, well-made, sturdy and durable, and have basic outdoor features such as date, lighting, alarm clock, waterproof, temperature measurement, compass, etc. If you want to have a sturdy, practical and suitable for daily wear outdoor watches, then you can choose this type..

  1. Professional sports watches

For people who are keen on skiing, mountaineering, adventure and other outdoor activities, the several functions of ordinary sports watches are far from their true needs. Choose a sports watch with features like thermometers, barometers, altimeters, timers, electronic back lights, alarms, Professional sports watches with data storage, automatic calendar, world city time, solar energy and other functions are necessary.

How to Use a Sports Watch Properly?

1.Electronic cold light

Press the LIGHT button, the electronic cold light will be turned on and can be delayed for three seconds. It should be noted that it is best not to use the electronic cold light function for a long time, because it will consume a lot of electricity.

  1. 12/24 hour system display

Usually, in the normal time display, press the MODE key three times to enter the time adjustment state, press the RESET key twice to enter the hour adjustment state, and then press the STSRT key until the 12/24 hour system appears, and then press the MODE key once to return to the normal time display .

  1. How to use the stopwatch

In the normal time display, press the MODE key once to enter the stopwatch working mode, press the START key to stop the watch, and then press the START key to stop the stopwatch and display the timing numbers, press the RESET key to clear the numbers, and press the MODE key to return to the normal time display.

  1. Setting of alarm time

In the normal time display state, press and hold the RESET key to display the alarm time. In the normal time display, press the MODE key twice, then press the STSRT key to calibrate the hours, press the RESET key once, and then press the STSRT key to calibrate the minutes, press the MODE key return.


How to Correctly Maintain Sports Watches?

  1. The protective film on the back cover of the newly purchased sport watch should be torn off, otherwise sweat will remain in the middle and cause the back cover to corrode.
  2. Don't let the watch come into contact with chemical substances. If you accidentally touch it, you must clean it up in time to avoid discoloration and shedding of the coating.
  3. It should be noted that wear-resistant materials such as sapphire glass, tungsten-titanium alloy and high-tech ceramics are wear-resistant but cannot withstand strong impacts. At the same time, some materials with the same or higher hardness may damage these materials.
  4. The case and strap of the watch also need to be cleaned frequently, because sweat, dirt, etc. will corrode the appearance of the watch and may cause individual skin allergies. When cleaning, you can first use a toothbrush and detergent to clean, and then rinse with water to dry. The leather strap should be cleaned with a special leather cleaner.

What are the Functions of Sports Watch?

  1. Air pressure measurement function

Our sport watches have the function of measuring air pressure. The air pressure measurement function is equipped with air pressure range, air pressure trend graph, sea level air pressure, actual air pressure, etc.

  1. Temperature function

The temperature function is equipped with current temperature and weather forecast. You can check the weather on the phone at any time during exercise, so you don’t have to worry about being caught off guard during exercise.

  1. Electronic compass function

Your smartwatch probably knows your body more than you do. Today’s wearables track more than your fitness activity and companies are even partnering with health-care providers to give the best service. It can track your sleep and give you personalized insights on how to get better rest should you opt for it. With other models, females can track periods, record symptoms, and estimate ovulation. They also look out for your safety and security. New smartwatches have a feature called fall detection. If it detects a fall while you’re wearing the watch, it sounds alarmed and displays an alert to call for Emergency SOS.

  1. Height measurement function

This is mainly for mountaineers, including altitude range, altitude trend graph, altitude, relative altitude, maximum altitude, cumulative ascent, cumulative descent, etc. You can know your altitude at any time, and you can also use this to judge whether to continue upward the climb.

  1. Step counting function

The pedometer watch can record the number of steps, speed and distance of the athlete at any time, combined with the training function, can let the athlete know their physical condition at any time, avoid injury to the body due to improper exercise, so as to achieve the best exercise effect.

  1. Training function

This function is very user-friendly, especially for running people, it can design a reasonable training plan and training intensity, so that you can ensure that you achieve the expected exercise goals under the premise of healthy exercise.

  1. Calorie measurement function

This function only requires simple input of stride length, weight and cadence, calorie counter watch will automatically calculate walking time, calorie consumption, walking distance and number of steps. At the same time, it can also preset the desired walking time calorie consumption, walking distance or target number of steps. When the preset target is reached, the watch will vibrate and beep.

  1. Waterproof function

Compared with ordinary watches, the waterproof function of swimming smart watch is the real deep waterproof. Usually, the waterproof index is set to a depth of 30 to 50 meters in the industry. Under strong pressure, sports watches can also Can be used normally.

  1. Record storage function

Most sports watches on the market now have added a record storage function, and some products can even store two months of exercise data. This allows athletes to accurately understand their exercise frequency, so as to better plan their exercise rhythm.

  1. Anti-collision function

Anti-scratch, durable, anti-collision, and resistance to rough situation should be the most important attributes of a sports watch. Whether you are either outdoors or indoors, the watch worn should have an excellent anti-collision function, and the other crucial sports-related functions.

The irony of the smartwatch is that it keeps you connected without breaking your concentration. With quick access to notifications, you’ll never be out of the loop and can keep a pulse on the hottest trends and styles. Fortunately for you, the smartwatch isn’t a black hole to the endless scrolling epidemic thanks to its small screen. It’s much harder to get lost into your feeds because the touchscreen face can only offer so much before forcing you back to work. With these benefits, it won’t be long before you start considering decorating your wrist with a digital smartwatch.