The preferred accessories for the lady

smart watch

Have you ever felt that you are constantly rushing to the appointment, especially for ladies? Time management is in great request during such days. It’s really exciting to see, special for ladies, Misirun has launched the product – S09, which can satisfy ladies’ need to some extent with functions.

  • Sleep mode to monitor your sleep better

Having a good sleep or not will affect your spirits, and with a good spirit will bring a perfect date. Using the Sleep Monitor to record your body data when you fall asleep, which could help you develop a good habit in sleeping.

  • Weathermode to pick outfits of the appointment

Fine feathers make fine birds. Climate disruption makes the real-time weather more important. The weather system is accurate linked to the place you located. Based on the function of Weather, you could check it on your wrist when you are free to think of the outfit.

  • Varieties of appearance to choose

Don’t look up upon any trinket, a different first impression will be set through such small things. Of course you should choose one to match the dressing style. Why not just select a smartwatch to match the outfit? Considering as the accessories, we have offered several colors of the smartwatch appearance, just choose which you need when you buy it.

  • Music mode to relax your feeling and start the day of date

Music, acts on the brain directly, can exercise the nerve cells while listening to the suitable music especially in the morning. You could use this mode to achieve easily control on your phone when you go anywhere away from the phone or inconvenient to take the phone.

  • Message mode to check from your friends

For a gathering, many twists will occur, which needs you to check the message frequently. This mode can help you check the message in time even you are changing your outfit or on your way to the rendezvous.

  • Photograph mode to record your day

Ladies may need beautiful picture to frame the day. Try this mode to collect the splendid moment of the date, share them on social media to show the beauty to the world or just keep as memory.

  • In conclusion

Beauty getting and emotional needing are 2 cores of this product– S09 of Misirun, you can hold it as a wrist watch or a smartwatch, to decorate your appearance, inner beauty and daily life.for more details