How to choose a best smartwatch?


The one that suits you is the best. Though variety of smartwatches had produced on the market, not just the most expensive one or the most feature-rich one can satisfy your need. Our brand ---Misirun had launched a lot of products that surely can meet your demand with one of them, and the tips to select smartwatch following will be shown with these “beauties”.

  • Support your phone system

Many people neglect this point when they buy a smartwatch, next time you should check what system the smartwatch supports before you buying it to avoid limiting your functions. For all the products of Misirun, we are compatible with Android and IOS, but the version of system we support has some differences that still need you to see the introduction carefully.

  • The comfort level

As a wearable technology product, the first standard is comfortable to wear it. All the products of Misirun are designed with comfortable and skin-friendly strap, which makes sure that you could wear the smartwatch in a suitable way.

The smartwatch also should light enough that you feel not so heavy and tired after a long time wearing. If you concerned this as the first need, I suggest you to pick the D06 of Misirun, which the luxury is light at your fingertips.

  • The fashion degree

If you are a fashion insider, the fashion degree may be your first select standard, which has the function that that you can change some details of the smartwatch that follow your personal aesthetic standards. The Misirun has designed the strap with difference colors, some of the smartwatches reach up to five, and some dials can be changed on the APP connects with the smartwatch.

  • Screen visibility

To see clearly of the contents inside the screen is equally importance. The key points that you should focus on are the screen and the brightness.

Talking about the brightness, which you’d better choose one that can change it to adjust your different requirement. All kinds of our products can conform to your need. As to the screen, you should emphasis on the display effect of the smartwatch. For example, the P8 of Misirun is equipped with 1.4-inch HD smart screen, with transparent 2.5D curved glass, also being stunning and beautiful in appearance.

  • Standby for a long time or not

You could pick up and buy the one that you required of the standby ability. Usually it’s inversely proportional to the cruising ability and the number of kinds of performance. For example, the P8 can last 3 to 5 days if you frequent using it, but if you do not connect to Bluetooth, you can use it with 5 to 9 days.

  • The applicability

Not every function can be suitable to everyone, you should just select the most appropriated one. For instance, if you are women, I would suggest you to buy our CF80, which equipped with menstruation that design for women. This women smartwatch also has some other basic function that women may need, you can check them on our websites if you are interested in it.

  • In conclusion

We should choose the smartwatch that we need instead of following the general trend. Next time try to select a smartwatch with tips below, you would find a smartwatch that the best for you.