How to be the master of time management

smart watch

Have you ever heard Better Life? A man, named Lyubishchev, who had published over 70 famous books, including philosophy, plant conservation, entomology, etc. Though everyone has the same number of hours in a day, we have to admit that we cannot pass over such giant.

But thanks to the development of technology, now we could raise our efficient through technology products. The smartwatch --- P8 of Misirun will help you get close to the giant.

  • Increasing your all-day efficient with sleep monitor

Medical studies have shown that five stages can be divided into sleep time by the frequency of brain waves. High quality sleep needs your brain gets into the stage of deep sleep easily and lasts for enough time, which the inner sleep clock should be monitored. After doing so, you could gradually reduce sleep time till limit but still full of energy. Using this function to maintain a good sleep by identifying time to fall asleep, time to wake up and time to deep sleep.

  • Handling work with Bluetooth call and message

The watch supports message checking and Bluetooth to make calls, synchronized with the mobile phone in real time. Equipped with function that more complicated notification, we can check them by hanging up directly instead of checking frequently with smartphone that diverts your attention from the other apps inside while working, help you work more efficiently.

  • Suiting to all daily need with IP67 life waterproof

As we know, technology products will fatigue accelerated after getting in touch with water. But in our daily life, waterproof is required because our needs are multiple, frequently including washing hands or having a shower. Our P8 can satisfied your need, as a waterproof smartwatch, it can decrease our cost of time to remove it or our cost of money that forget to remove it.

  • Changing your bad habit with move reminder

Like what we talked in the first point below, a good sleep should be monitored with suitable time, but it still not enough. Exercises can raise our body temperature to help you fall in sleep quicker. This smartwatch can match up the data from sensors and remind us to stand up and exercise for a while if you sit too long.

  • Getting rid of anxiety with 15days’ standby

Great importance is shown in the ability of standby. Built-in 320 mAh polymer battery, the long battery life of this smartwatch is guaranteed, saves many troubles of frequent daily charging.

  • In conclusion

Technology changes our life. We can use the smartwatch to realize convenience, save more unnecessary times and manage it to achieve our value of life.