Hiring an assistant by wearing a smartwatch

smart watch

Have you ever felt sometimes you are forgetful? Do you separate some times to focus on your health when you are busy or feel hard to handle many things by yourself? You may need a good assistant to help you before things getting wrong. And it’s exciting to introduce the product of Misirun --- P8, which can assist you to solve worries below as an assistant and get great value at a lower price.

  • Up to your standard with colorful straps and variety dials to select

When you hire an assistant, you will choose someone who up to your standard, as the same to pick a smartwatch. We are considering this demand while producing. The wrist strap is soft and colorful that can be chosen with black, grey, blue and pink. As to the dial, you can select what you like in various scenarios and apply the preferred one.

  • Easing your burden with alarm and Do Not Disturb Service

A good assistant should remind you and keep you from being disturb at the right time, which P8 makes it come true.

Do Not Disturb Service can be set if you want to focus on the work, using the smartwatch instead of the phone can also avoid you remaining in the content of apps and intent to the work.

Time lapses when you concentrate your attention to one part of the work and may result in missing the others. To solve this problem, we equipped with alarm clock inside, you can set the clock before getting into the work, making sure that you can finish the others.

  • Finding your phone if you forget

A good assistant can find things that you need quickly. If you are careless people, you may find things, especially your phone, in a frequent probability. With this great function, you can connect your phone with the smartwatch. The P8 can help you right away next time that you can’t find your phone.

  • Focusing on your health in 24 hours

The body is the capital of revolution. To perform perfect, an assistant should not only concern about your business, but also in daily life. The P8 will standby on your wrist at any time if you wearing it to record your exercise, heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen, etc. The smartwatch will remind you if you are sedentary also do good to your health either.

  • In conclusion

Misirun’s P8 is your assistant, but not just assistant. The P8 smartwatch, can be your business reminder and health guardian, addresses your problem and help you enjoy the life in a heathy way.