Waterproof Fitness Tracker Misirun-P8PRO With Multi Languages

25-day Battery Life| 1.7-inch TFT full touch dazzling screen |IP67waterproof|Bluetooth cal|Health monitoring|10+Sports modes|Suitable for iOS and Android
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High-definition display is clearly visible on the large screen

1.69-inch TFT full-touch colorful screen with 240*280 resolution, bringing clear and delicate display, high color saturation, real and vivid display

Smart Notifications

When you pair your smartwatch with our app and turn on smart notifications, you can receive and read SMS and SNS notifications (including SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) directly on the watch

Life is movement

Make your life smarter

Music controller

Music control allows you to more easily adjust the music on the go.

Girl taps the smart watch to play or pause music and switch songs

No need to take the phone out of the pocket.

Free your hands during exercise


Automatic sleep tracker throughout the day

Automatically monitor and analyze your sleep quality

Provide you with deep sleep, light sleep and wake up time throughout the day

Heart rate green light flashes every 5 minutes

When continuous heart rate measurement is turned on,

You can turn off continuous heart rate measurement




Life goes on, movement goes on

How to connect the watch

Misirun-P8PRO Smart Watch


Bracelet size:                   L*W*H=43.6*36.5*10.5

Weight:                             47g

Wristband size:               total length 255MM, adjustable length 155-235MM

Chip:                               MTK 2502D

APP:                               CO-FIT

Compatible system:     Android4.4 (inclusive) and above, IOS8.0 inclusive) and above

FLASH memory:             RAM32Mb ROM32Mb

Screen:                         TFT 1.69 inch 240RGB*280 full screen touch

BT: Dual Bluetooth:         3.0 and 4.0

Battery capacity:           240mAh polymer lithium ion

Charging time:             about 2.5 hours

Waterproof rating:         IP67





Software function

Software functions: exercise record (step counting, distance, calorie calculation),

exercise mode, message push, information storage, heart rate monitoring, sleep

monitoring, blood pressure measurement, blood oxygen saturation measurement,

stopwatch camera control, music playback, Bluetooth call steps , Sleep, screen

adjustment time, number of vibrations, message push, daily alarm clock, sedentary

reminder, theme switching, do not disturb mode time period, turn the wrist on the


Supported languages: Danish, Ukrainian, Russian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Turkish,

Greek, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Polish, Thai, Swedish, Simplified

Chinese, Traditional Chinese , Finnish, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish,

Vietnamese, Arabic, Korean


Why does the smart bracelet automatically disconnect Bluetooth when the Android screen goes out?

1> Lock background APP. When the CO-FIT process is cleared, the smart bracelet will be disconnected from the mobile phone.

2 > Set APP self-startup

3 > Unrestricted background operation. TheAndroid mobile phone installed with APP intelligently restricts the background operation by default, and App should be set manually without any restriction.

Why cannot the smart bracelet receive message push?

1> Please confirm that you have turned on the switch for message push at the mobile phone client.

2 > Please confirm that messages can be displayed normally in the mobile phone notification bar. The message push on the smart bracelet is completed by reading the message from the mobile phone notification bar. The smart bracelet will not receive the message push if there is no message in the mobile phone notification bar. (You need to find notification settings in the mobile phone settings, and turn on the notification switch of WeChat, QQ, call, SMS and
mobile phone client).

Why can't take a hot bath with the smart bracelet?

the bath water has a relatively high temperature, and generates a lot of vapor which is in the gas phase with small molecular radius and can easily infiltrate into the smart bracelet from the shell gap. When the temperature drops down, the vapor will condensate into liquid-phase droplets which will easily cause the short circuit inside the smart bracelet and damage the circuit board and then damage the smart bracelet.

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