Misirun - S33

[MISIRUN-S33] health and fitness smartwatch, with ultra-stylish design, accurately records all-day activities, such as steps, 14-day battery life, SpO2 

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8 reasons to choose S33

High-definition large-screen display, Bluetooth call, dialing and receiving, 512M local music, watch music playback, health detection, multiple dial selection, information push, smart reminder

1.28"UHD touch screen

A large 1.28-inch high-definition screen covered by 3D glass, full screen can be touched, 240*240 resolution, larger and clearer vision

Super-Light and Thin

Featuring curved 2.5D glass to enhance your most fashionable outfits, the borderless design of the Misirun S33 has a lightweight of 50g and a thickness of 8.95mm (without the sensor base), as well as a skin-friendly silicone strap.

Enjoy a healthier life from Misirun S33

SpO2 和压力水平测量

在进行剧烈的身体或精神活动后,保持手臂不动并测试您的 SpO2 水平,以更好地了解您的状况。使用 Misirun S33,您还可以查看您的个人压力水平位于何处 - 从轻松、正常、中等或高 - 并获得有关如何减轻压力的一些建议

All-day activity tracking

Sedentary reminder, drinking water reminder, alarm, let you be good at any important moment, many intimate small functions, add energy to reduce the burden of life

Multifunctions watch for devices of iOS9.0 and Android4.4 or above

14-Day Long Battery Life


Incoming call and message reminder

This smart watch can be your practical assistant. When the smart watch is connected to your mobile phone, it will vibrate in time to remind you that there is a call, text message or application notification. You can easily read the message directly from it or reject the call with your wrist raised with one click (you cannot reply to the message).

Scientific sleep tracking

Our smart watch can automatically track and analyze your sleep time and quality, it provides insights into deep sleep and light sleep, and it also indicates awake time. It can help you maintain good sleep habits.

Heart-Rate Monitoring System

Offering 24-hour ceaseless high-precision heart-rate monitoring and functions such as vibration alerts on heartrate too high or out of heartrate range while exercising.

Heart-Rate Monitoring System

Offering 24-hour ceaseless high-precision heart-rate monitoring and functions such as vibration alerts on heartrate too high or out of heartrate range while exercising.

Heart-Rate Monitoring System

Offering 24-hour ceaseless high-precision heart-rate monitoring and functions such as vibration alerts on heartrate too high or out of heartrate range while exercising.

Fitness tracker with 7 exercise modes

Track multiple exercises for up to 7 sports: walking, running, cycling, skipping rope, badminton, basketball, football
You can also view the duration, pace and distance, calories burned and heart rate during exercise.

MISIRUN - S33 Smart Watch


Weight: 50g

Bracelet size: L*W*H=44.7*44.7*12

Chip: MTK 2502C


Compatible system: Android4.4 (inclusive) and above, IOS8.0 inclusive) and above

FLASH memory: RAM32Mb ROM32Mb + external memory 512Mb

Type: TFT

Screen size: 1.28 inches

Pixel: 240RGB*240

Touch type: full screen touch

BT: Dual Bluetooth: 3.0 and 4.0

Battery capacity: 240mAh polymer lithium ion

Charging method: charging stand

Charging time: about 2.5 hours

Waterproof rating: IP67

Software function

Watch functions: MP3, recording, call history, phone book, weather, exercise record (step counting, distance, calorie calculation), exercise mode, message push, information storage,heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, blood pressure measurement, blood oxygen saturation measurement , Stopwatch camera control, local music playback, 512 memory,1.28-inch color screen, full-screen touch, Bluetooth call, multi-dial selection (10), calculator,calendar, stopwatch, alarm clock Software functions: steps, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen,exercise record,weather push, message push, camera control, search device, heart rate detection, dial push

Watch support languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Indonesian Czech, Dutch, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

Software support languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek,German, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Japanese, French, Polish, Persian, Thai, Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese, Burmese, Romanian, English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese,Arabic, Korean, Mala




Why does the smart bracelet automatically disconnect Bluetooth when the Android screen goes out ?

1> Lock background APP. When the RDFit process is cleared, the smart bracelet will be disconnected from the mobile phone.

2 > Set APP self-startup

3 > Unrestricted background operation. The Android mobile phone installed with APP intelligently restricts the background operation by default and App should be set manually without any restriction.

Why cannot the smart bracelet receive message push?

1> Please confirm that you have turned on the switch for message push at the mobile phone client.

2 > Please confirm that messages can be displayed normally in the mobile phone notification bar. The message push on the smart bracelet is completed by reading the message from the mobile phone notification bar. The smart bracelet will not receive the message push if there is no message in the mobile phone notification bar. (You need to find notification settings in the mobile phone settings, and turn on the notification switch of WeChat, QQ, call,SMS and mobile phone client)

Why can't take a hot bath with the smart bracelet?

Answer: the bath water has a relatively high temperature, and generates a lot of vapor which is in the gas phase with small molecular radius and can easily infiltrate into the smart bracelet from the shell gap. When the temperature drops down, the vapor will condensate into liquid-phase droplets which will easily cause the short circuit inside the smart bracelet and damage the circuit board and then damage the smart bracelet.

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