RTL8762C+BK3266 Misirun - HW33 Smart Watch With Full Touch Screen

30-day Battery Life|HD display|IP67 waterproof|GPS accurate track|Health monitoring|Multi-sports mode|Suitable for iOS and Android
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MISIRUN-HW33 Smart watches


Main control chip: nRF52840
Sensor: ROHM KX022
GPS chip: UBLOX 7020
Optoelectronic chip: VC32S
Battery type: polymer lithium battery
Battery capacity: 370mAh
Charging method: magnetic charging
Charging time: about 3-4H
Battery life: 7 days of use, 30 days of standby
Data storage: 7 days
Control method: full screen touch
Compatible system: Android 4.4 and above, iOS 8.2 and above
Waterproof level: IP67


Function: GPS exercise mode, blood oxygen monitoring, body temperature monitoring, continuous heart rate monitoring of movement status, step counting, calories, distance, sleep monitoring, call reminder, alarm clock reminder, raise your hand to brighten the screen, social sharing
Watch support languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Hindi, Czech, Polish
App support languages: Russian, Indonesian, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean



Q1: Why can't the smart bracelet receive push notifications

1> Please confirm that you have turned on the

switch for message push at the mobile phone


2 > Please confirm that messages can be

displayed normally in the mobile phone

notification bar. The message push on the smart

bracelet is completed by reading the message

from the mobile phone notification bar. The

smart bracelet will not receive the message push

if there is no message in the mobile phone

notification bar. (You need to find notification

settings in the mobile phone settings, and turn

on the notification switch of WeChat, QQ, call,

SMS and mobile phone client).

Q2: Why can't you wear a watch in a hot bath

the bath water has a relatively high

temperature, and generates a lot of vapor which

is in the gas phase with small molecular radius

and can easily infiltrate into the smart bracelet

from the shell gap. When the temperature drops

down, the vapor will condensate into liquid-phase

droplets which will easily cause the short circuit

inside the smart bracelet and damage the circuit

board and then damage the smart bracelet.

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