Pink Fashion Smart Watch Misirun-S02 For Women For Sports

20-day Battery Life|1.32-inch IPS display |IP67waterproof|Full color dynamic interactive UI|Health monitoring|23+Sports modes|Suitable for iOS and Android
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Sleep Tracking

Automatically detect and
track your sleep and provide you with deep sleep,light sleep and wake up time data, know more about your sleep quality.
You can also set vibration alarm clocks to wake you up

Smart Notifications

When you pair your smartwatch to our Letsfit app and turn on smart notification, you can directly receive and read SMS and SNS notifications (including SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and more) on your watch.

Listen to music during exercise and the road

Bluetooth remote

Music controller

Music control makes it easier toadjust your music on the go.

Tap the smart watch for girls to play or pause music and switch songs

without having to take your phone from your pocket.

Free your hands during doing sports.

Camera remote:

When the phone is linked to the watch,open your camera from watch ,after that ,touch the screen or shake the watch to remote the camera.(Swipe left to exit the function)


Not only these

1.3 Full circle and full touch, real-time dynamic heart rate,

call reminder, information reminder push,

exercise record (step counting, mileage, etc.), sleep monitoring, sedentary reminder, calorie calculation, stopwatch,

bright screen with hands raised, ultra low power consumption,

blood pressure , Blood oxygen, 23 sports modes, remote camera control,

smart alarm, weather forecast, mobile phone search, multi-dial switch,

WeChat sports, multi-language, intelligent control of screen brightness


Tinwoo smart watches are designed with IP 67 waterproof rating, which allows you to swim in the pool with it without worries.

Life goes on and on

How to connect the watch

Misirun-S02 Smart Watch


Chip:                                 Realtek8762C

Sensor:                                   VC31

Motor:                               Cylindrical motor

Compatible system:             Android4.0, IOS8.0 or above

Memory:                               128M

Weight:                   51G for single head, 158G for complete package

Display:             IPS TFT 1.3" full circle screen 240*240 full touch screen

BT:               BT5.0, transmission range: about 10m

Battery capacity:               180mAh

Charging method:             magnetic base charging

Waterproof rating:                     IP67



Software function

Main functions: 1.3 full circle full touch, real-time dynamic heart rate, call reminder,

information reminder push, exercise record (step counting, mileage, etc.), sleep

monitoring, sedentary reminder, calorie calculation, stopwatch, hand-raising screen,

ultra-low power Consumption, blood pressure, blood oxygen, 23 exercise modes,

remote camera control, smart alarm, weather forecast, mobile phone search, multi-dia

l switching, WeChat exercise, multi-language, intelligent control of screen brightness time.

Band languages: Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian,

Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Hindi, Czech, Polish, Turkish, Indonesian


Wait too long for the first test heart rate?

Testing your heart rate for the first time requires you to collect longer signals based on different populations in
order to accurately calculate your heart rate.

What should I do if the Bluetooth connection fails? (Connection / reconnection failed or connection reconnection is slow)

Check if your device is iOS9.0 and Android 4.4 and above and supports Bluetooth 5.0.
Due to the problem of signal interference in Bluetooth wireless connection, the time of each connection may be
different. If the connection cannot be made for a long time, please ensure that the operation is performed in the
absence of magnetic fields or multiple Bluetooth devices
1. Turn Bluetooth off and on
2. Close the phone background app or restart the phone
3. Do not connect other Bluetooth devices or functions at the same time.
4. Whether the APP is running normally in the background. If it is not in the background, it may not be connected.

Can't find the bracelet ?

Because the bracelet is not searched by the mobile phone during the Bluetooth broadcast, please make sure
that the bracelet is powered and activated, and it is not bound to other mobile phones. Then close the bracelet
to the mobile phone. If it still does not work, please turn off the mobile phone Bluetooth for 20 seconds. Then restart the phone Bluetooth

Why should I wear my bracelet tightly when measuring heart rate?

The bracelet uses the principle of light reflection. After the light source penetrates the skin, it collects the signal
reflected to the sensor to calculate your heart rate. If you don't wear it tightly, ambient light will enter the
sensor, which will affect the measurement accuracy.

Why do n’t I get reminders when the reminder is turned on ?

Android phone: Make sure the phone and the bracelet are connected. After connecting, open the
corresponding permissions in the phone settings, allow the "GloryFit" APP to access incoming calls, text
messages, and contacts, and run "GloryFit" in the background; if the phone is installed There is security
software, please add "GloryFit" as a trust. Apple phone: If there is no reminder after connecting, it is
recommended to restart the phone and reconnect. When connecting the bracelet again, you must wait for the
phone to pop up the [Bluetooth pairing request], and click [Pairing] to get the reminder.

Is the bracelet waterproof ?

Support IP67 waterproof and dustproof level (IP67 standard is 35 degrees water, water depth is 1 meter, soak in
water for 30 minutes), usually wash your hands, rain, cold shower, car wash.

Does the Bluetooth connection need to be always on? Is there any data after disconnection?

Before the data is not synchronized, the data is retained on the bracelet host (the data can be retained for seven
days). When the Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and the bracelet is successful, the data of the
bracelet will be automatically uploaded to the mobile phone. Please synchronize the data to the mobile phone in time.

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