Multiple Time Zone Round Classical Mechanical Smart Watch Misirun -AW13

30-day Battery Life|Large HD display screen | IP68 waterproof | Music control|Health monitoring|8+ sports modes|Suitable for iOS and Android
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Full circle full touch high-definition color screen

1.28-inch 240*240 resolution, high-definition gorgeous display, endows each image with fine quality, bringing a new visual experience, high-definition large screen, giving you a larger and clearer experience, clear and smooth pictures, stylish and cool without losing vitality

Fine workmanship

316 pure stainless steel material is made with exquisite handcraftsmanship, which combines the current aesthetics to create a delicately designed appearance, which is more durable

More smart functions

Listen to music during exercise and the road

Call information reminder

Whenever there is a notification on the phone, it will remind you by vibrating, even when you are exercising, you can view the specific content, so that you will not miss any messages


Music control

After connecting the phone, you can directly control the music play/pause/previous/next song and volume adjustment on the watch


This watch is IP68 waterproof.You can wear it when you arewashing hands or running inthe rain, even go to swimmingwith it, instead of taking it offfrequently.

You can wear the watch forswimming so that never missany important calls andmessage.( can't track yourswimming data )

Multiple Sports Modes

The correct way for connecting your watch with your phones.

Misirun-AW13 Smart watch


Chip: Realtek 8762D
Resolution: 240RGB*240
Touch type: full touch
TP: J+F fit
Display size: 551830
Capacity: 320mAH
Cover: Tempered glass
body: stainless steel strap
Strap: TPU
Product color: black/silver/gold
Acceleration sensor: Silane microC7A20
Touch the keys: Full screen touch
Working temperature: 10-50º
Charging method: Contact the charging
Vibration motor: Welding wire type plate vibration motor
Heart rate module: Tianyi Hexin 3300 high-precision heart rate module
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth protocol
Classic Bluetooth: Bluetooth 3.0 protocol
Android system: Support Android 4.4 and above
Apple system: IOS 9.0 and above
Waterproof rating: IP68


Basic functions: meter, mileage, calories, sleep, alarm clock, stopwatch,

timer, sedentary reminder, remote photo, music control, heart rate

monitoring, message reminder

Sports modes: walking, running, cycling, playing badminton, skipping

rope, basketball, football, swimming

Watch support languages: Simplified Chinese, English, French, Spanish,

Japanese, Russian, PortugueseSoftware support languages: Simplified

Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish,

Korean, Japanese, Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian






Q1:Why can't the wristband receive the notification push

1> Ensure that you have enabled the message push switch on the mobile client.
2 > Confirm that the message can be displayed properly in the notification bar of the mobile phone. The notification push on the smart bracelet is done by reading the message in the phone notification
If there is no notification in the notification bar, the smartband will not receive notification notifications.
(You need to find the notification setting in the mobile phone Settings, and turn on the notification switch of wechat, QQ, SMS and mobile phone client).
3> Turn on the phone -- Settings. Type "Notify user permissions" in the top search box to reopen CMA CGM.

Q2: Why can't you use your smart Bracelet to take a hot shower

The temperature of the bath water is relatively high, which will produce a large amount of steam. The gas phase with small molecular radius can easily penetrate into the smart bracelet from the gap of the shell.

When the temperature drops, the vapor will condense into liquid droplets, which will easily cause short circuit inside the bracelet, damage the circuit board, and then damage the bracelet.

Q3:Does The Bluetooth Connection Need To Be Always On? Is There Any Data After Disconnection?

Before the data is not synchronized, the data is retained on the bracelet host (the data can be retained for seven
days). When the Bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and the bracelet is successful, the data of the
bracelet will be automatically uploaded to the mobile phone. Please synchronize the data to the mobile phone in time.

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