Multi Language Support Smart Watch Misirun- S04 With Full Touch Screen

15-day Battery Life|1.54-inch TFT display|Entertainment games||Music playback support|More thoughtful functions
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Smart watch that can take pictures

Multiple functions in one

Full touch screen, 350MAh large battery capacity, support multi-day use
Can take pictures
Game function, step recording function

Can measure the number of steps

Know the steps of exercise anytime and anywhere

so you know how much you do — and how hard you’re

working to do it.

Cute cartoon record smart watch

children's favorite

Let children grow up carefree

Track your pace and encourage active movement. The built-in motion sensor allows children to play active challenges and motion controlled

games to maintain their athletic ability.

Always protect the safety of children

Safety and fun

Unlike other smart technologies, our electronic watches are safe for
children of any age, because we don't need a sim card,
no need to connect to data or Wi- Fi or download.



child-friendly design
splash-proof wristband fits
child's wrist



Available in multiple colors

Misirun-S04 Smart watch


Function               Children's game watch with pedometer function
Product Size         51*41.5*13.3mm
Colors                   Blue&Pink
Screen                   1.54" TFTScreen
Charge                   Pluggable 5pin micro-USB charging
Resolution             240*240 pixel
Speaker                 Yes
Microphone           Yes
Battery Capacity   350MAH
Camera                   0.8MP
Side button           Power On/Off button

Software Function            

Music player: support
Keep step: support
LCD: Support display, UI interaction
Boot LOGO: Support
Clock: support
Game: Support multiple
Recording: Support
Video: Support
Take pictures: support
Other functions: alarm clock, calculator, etc.



Q1: Can S04 take pictures?

Yes!You can turn on the camera function and aim at the camera to take pictures

Q2: What are the watch functions?

Full touch screen, large battery capacity of 350MAh,support for many days of useyou can take pictures, music, play, and game functions, step recording function
you can call to know the child's situation at any time

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