Round Classical Black Sport Watch Misirun - Z36 With Ultra-HD Display

30-day Battery Life|1.6-inch high-definition touch screen|IP67 waterproof|4G whole network global call| |Health monitoring|9+ sports modes| Suitable for iOS and Android
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use your wrist like a phone

1.6-inch high-definition touch screen

400*400 resolution, the large screen displays more information, with the screen display, whether it is a message call, an exquisite dial, or health data, app information, it looks exquisite and comfortable to watch at any time

Speed up your actions, 8-core processor

MTK6762 is a very powerful central processing unit with powerful computing functions, faster speed, smoother use and lower power consumption

More hardcore features

Super battery life

Watch 900mA battery/re-distributed 900mA portable power bank, 24 battery life, 3 days standby time, 20h connection Bluetooth call battery life, strong battery life


Built-in SIM card, support calls

Make a call, raise your hand to view APP messages, synchronize with your mobile phone, and provide high-quality video calls, so you can share instant fun effortlessly


Multiple Sports Modes

Support 9 types of sports: outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor running, cycling, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, skipping rope

The correct way for connecting your watch with your phones.

Misirun-Z36 Smart watch


CPU: MT6762 eight-core
Operating system: 10.7
Memory: DDR4 4GB, EMMC: 128GB
SIM card: independent standby, hands-free call, Nano SIM
Touch screen: 1.6 inch 400*400 resolution high-definition full circle screen
Camera: front 2 million / side 8 million high pixel dual camera
Bluetooth: support
WIFI: Support
GPS: Support
Heart rate: support
Step counting: support
Data interface: POGO PIN+ magnetic wire/power bank
Portable power bank supports 5V1A charging, universal 5PIN USB cable charging
Battery: Smart watch 900mAh/Power bank 900mAh
Standby time: Smart watch 48 hours + power bank battery life 40 hours
Music playback: 6 hours for smart watch + 5 hours for power bank
Talk time: 3 hours for smart watch + 2.5 hours for power bank
Support system: Android 6.0, IOS11.0 and above
Net weight: 73.5g, 49.5* thickness 18.8mm
Strap: PU strap, detachable, switch ears, 22mm width, total length 272mm, adjustment range 173-252mm
Waterproof rating: IP67




Menu bar: phone, contacts, SMS, settings, watch face market, desktop settings, browser, calendar, camera, gallery, music, file management, alarm clock, recording,
Heart rate monitoring, sports, weather, mobile assistant, application market, system optimization, face recognition, etc.
Sports: outdoor running, outdoor walking, indoor running, cycling, basketball, football, table tennis, badminton, skipping rope
Settings: network and internet, connected devices, apps and notifications, battery, display, sound, storage, location information, system, about phone
Health: heart rate, step counting
Weather: local weather <insert SIM card network>
Network and Internet: WLAN, hotspot and network sharing, flight mode, mobile network, data usage
Apps and notifications: default apps, permission manager, special app permissions
Mobile Assistant: Scan the QR code to connect; enable remote shooting, music control, send files, find mobile phones
System: language and input method, date and time, reset options
Supported languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, English, French, Russian, German, Dutch, Portuguese, Arabic, Persian,
Brazil, Portugal, Malaysia, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic and other languages ​​(optional)
Over-the-air upgrade: support
Dial: Watch built-in dial + dial market + custom dial


Q1: Why can't the wristband receive the notification push

1> Ensure that you have enabled the message push switch on the mobile client.

2 > Confirm that the message can be displayed properly in the notification bar of the mobile phone. The notification push on the smart bracelet is done by reading the message in the phone notification

If there is no notification in the notification bar, the smartband will not receive notification notifications.

(You need to find the notification setting in the mobile phone Settings, and turn on the notification switch of wechat, QQ, SMS and mobile phone client).

3> Turn on the phone -- Settings. Type "Notify user permissions" in the top search box to reopen

Q2: Why can't you use your smart Bracelet to take a hot shower

The temperature of the bath water is relatively high, which will produce a large amount of steam. The gas phase with small molecular radius can easily penetrate into the smart bracelet from the gap of the shell.

When the temperature drops, the vapor will condense into liquid droplets, which will easily cause short circuit inside the bracelet, damage the circuit board, and then damage the bracelet.

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