Misirun-N18 Plug-in True Wireless Bluetooth Headset With Metal Charging Case

MP3 player|HD sound quality|support card|200h-use time
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Misirun-N18 plug-in true wireless bluetooth headset


Size: Length, width and height (47.5*50.1*20MM)
Color: black/white/pink
Product language: Chinese and English
MP3 playback function: with MP3 playback function (externally expanded memory card)
Chip model: Spreadtrum 6531
External expansion memory card (MP3): support (maximum 32G)
Screen size: 0.49
Touch type (: touch
FM: Support
Charging box BLE_BT: BT4.2
Battery type: Lithium polymer
Capacity: 380mAh
Charging method: 5PIN charging port
Charging time: about 100 minutes
Life time: 7 days of use, more than 20 days of standbyBluetooth headset chip supplier: Zhongke Lanxun
Bluetooth headset chip model: AB5376A
Bluetooth: 5.0
Incoming call: Take out and double click to answer
Average power consumption for listening to songs and phone calls: about 10mA (low-power version)
Battery capacity: 25mAh
Headphone charging mode: put it into the charging box to charge

Music acquisition: externally expand the T card and connect the computer with the delivered USB, that is, you can copy the MP3 in the computer to the product memory.
10. Bluetooth transmission power consumption: about 50mA
11. Bluetooth model: N18





1. Turn on: Operate the touchpad to the music player interface, long press to enter the player interface, operate the buttons, move the cursor to the switch icon, and often press the card machine.
2. Connect the bracelet MP3 and the Bluetooth headset: the Bluetooth headset and the bracelet MP3 will automatically connect after power on, and the headset icon will be displayed when connected (it will not be displayed if it is not connected).
3. Play: A> automatically play after connecting the Bluetooth headset; B> the cursor is operated to the play icon, press and hold to play/pause;
4. Song name display: When playing music, the song name will be displayed on the bracelet synchronously.
5. Volume adjustment: L-channel earphones click the button "Volume Down", and each press decreases the volume by one bar; R-channel earphones click the button "Increase Volume", and each press increases the volume by one bar.
6. Song selection: L channel earphone three-click button "previous song"; R channel earphone three-click button "next song", press until the last song to cycle to the first song.
7. Return: Move the cursor to the return icon, press and hold for 3 seconds to return to the standby interface. (Note: MP3 is not turned off, return to the standby interface and the music will continue to play, and MP3 will stop working after it is turned off and then return)
8. Shut down: Move the cursor to the switch icon, press and hold for 3 seconds to turn off the Bluetooth, and the Bluetooth icon will disconnect.


Q1: How to know the working times for my device?

1. Connect the earphone to the mobile phone: take the earphone out of the main body of the bracelet, turn it on and have a successful pairing prompt sound, turn on the Bluetooth in the phone settings, find the corresponding Bluetooth name N18 and pair the connection, after the connection is successful, you will see " Connected" indicates that the product is successfully connected.
2. After the first connection is successful, take out the headset from the main unit compartment again, and it will automatically connect with the mobile phone in about 5 seconds (if you want to listen to the songs in the main unit compartment, please turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and connect to the main unit compartment).
3. After the headset is successfully connected, if the phone is manually disconnected, you need to put the headset back into the main unit compartment and then take it out, and reconnect in the Bluetooth settings of the phone.

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