Misirun -H06

1.45" 172*320 full fit full touch, support multiple sports modes, dial push, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, information reminder, alarm clock, photo, raise the wrist screen, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, countdown, bracelet brightness Adjustment and other functions

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Our Product & Design team has devoted over a year to invent a technology, enabling our product line a smarter, more user friendly, and higher efficient operating system - the Solarpeak Technology® (an upgraded MPPT solar regulator). Its algorithm will identify, monitor, and maximize the greatest possible input available in concurrency, extracting the most sizable power under all conditions to add up 30% more solar charging efficiency, which shorten the charging time to 4 Hours (0-80%) under straight full sun.

1.45 inch high-definition color screen

High-brightness color screen, full screen can be touched, allowing colors to flow from the wrist, larger and clearer vision

Large-capacity battery, long-lasting battery life

Magnetic charging for 2 hours, 145mAh large-capacity battery, long-term standby, no disconnection, performance upgrade, daily use for 7 days, strong standby for 15 days

Your health guardian

Heart rate oximetry monitoring

Heart rate monitoring

Using the acceleration sensor SC7A20 technology, it can accurately measure the heart rate, and it can also measure the heart rate in the state of exercise, and get rid of the constraints of the heart rate.


Blood oxygen monitoring

Blood oxygen saturation is one of the important vital signs of the human body. Too low blood oxygen content can easily cause symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, and memory loss. H06 can monitor blood oxygen saturation at any time to make a healthy life within reach



Waterproof IP67

Support for washing hands, sweating, raining and other scenes to wear, to meet the needs of daily life


Captures energy directly from the sun instead of fossil fuel; creating zero carbon dioxide or other pollutants


The Explorer 1500’s internal build is steadily designed to operate without any noise

Easy to Use

Simply press the "ONE BUTTON" to start the solar generators

Only Initial Cost

No extra cost on fuel and maintenance

Air Pollution
Uses fossil fuel to generate electricity, adding carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, making our living condition worse

It is loud and disturbing

Hard to Start Up, WAY LESS User-Friendly, Time Consuming
Comparing with our "One Button Starts All" portable solar generators, the traditional generators are less convenient

Ongoing Cost and High Maintenance
Need to spend $$$ for gasoline, changing spark plugs and maintenance



  • Massive Capacity and High Watt Power: 1488Wh (41.3Ah) capacity, Panasonic 18650 Li-ion batteries, 1800W Running Power and 3600W Surge Power
  • Double AC Ports Fast Recharging: With 2 AC ports, the Explorer 1500 can be recharged with 2 hour (0-80%)
  • Multiple Output Ports: Featured with PD 60W USB-C ports, 2 USB-A ports (including QC3.0), and 3 AC outlets, the Explorer 1500 can power 7 appliances all together at once


  • High Conversion Efficiency Solar Generator:
    High conversion efficiency up to 23%, building a Portable-Solar-Generator system together with Jackery Explorer 1500/1000/500/300 power station
  • Solar Charger with USB Outputs:
    Equipped with 1* USB-C output port and 1* USB-A output port, charging multiple portable devices at the same time
  • Lightweight and Durable Solar Panel with Kickstand:
    Foldable design; Weighs only 9.1 lbs; Convenient to carry; Adjust any angle freely with the built-in kickstand; Made from durable materials; High-temperature resistant

Multifunctions watch for devices of iOS9.0 and Android5.0 or above

Scientific sleep monitoring

Real-time monitoring of sleep heart rate, sleep quality, judge and record the state of deep sleep, light sleep, and rapid eye movement time to help you improve your sleep quality

Remote camera

After the app is connected and paired, you can use the remote camera function, and one person can capture wonderful moments at any time

Music control

After the app is connected and paired, you can use the music control function, and you can use the watch to perform up and down, playback, and pause operations, which is simple and convenient

Heart-Rate Monitoring System

Offering 24-hour ceaseless high-precision heart-rate monitoring and functions such as vibration alerts on heartrate too high or out of heartrate range while exercising.

Heart-Rate Monitoring System

Offering 24-hour ceaseless high-precision heart-rate monitoring and functions such as vibration alerts on heartrate too high or out of heartrate range while exercising.

Heart-Rate Monitoring System

Offering 24-hour ceaseless high-precision heart-rate monitoring and functions such as vibration alerts on heartrate too high or out of heartrate range while exercising.

Multiple Sports Modes

View the recorded steps, calorie consumption, distance calculation exercise data on the bracelet screen or app

The correct way for connecting your watch with your phones.

MISIRUN-H06 Smart watch


Main control chip: Realtek 8762DK
Heart rate sensor: Tianyi Hexin HRS3300
Acceleration sensor: Silan Micro SC7A20
Display screen: 1.45" 172*320 full fit full touch
Battery: polymer lithium battery 145 mA
Bottom shell: Plastic ABS+PC
Front shell: Plastic ABS+PC
Body size: nose length 45mm x width 26.5mm x thickness 11mm
Bluetooth: 4.0


Basic functions: heart rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, exercise record, call/message content push, message reminder, alarm clock, photo, raise the wrist to light the screen, system switching, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, countdown
Supported languages: Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Arabic, Ukrainian, Italian, Portuguese



Q1: Why can't the smart watch receive the message

1> Please confirm that you have turned on the switchfor message push at the mobile phone client.

2 > Please confirm that messages can be displayednormally in the mobile phone notification bar. Themessage push on the smart bracelet is completedby reading the message from the mobile phonenotification

The smart bracelet will not receive the message pushif there is no message in the mobile phone notificationbar.

(You need to find notification settings in the mobilephone settings, and turn on the notification switch ofWeChat, QQcall, SMS and mobile phone client).

3> Turn on the mobille phone --- Settings. Enter "Notification useright" on the top search box, re-open app

Q2: Why can't you wear a watch in a hot bath

The bath water has a relatively high temperature,and generates a lot of vapor which is in the gas phasewith small molecular radius and can easily infiltrate intothe smart bracelet from the shell gap.

When the temperature drops down, the vapor'will condensate intoliquid-phase droplets which will easily cause the shortcircuit inside the smart bracelet and damage the circuit board and thendamage the smart bracelet.

Q3:Can the Explorer 2000 be recharged while charging other devices/tools the same time?


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