Fashion Smart Watch Misirun - AK22 For Women With Full Touch Screen

15-day Battery Life|IPS color screen|IP67 waterproof|Smart reminder|Health monitoring|10+Sports modes|Suitable for iOS and Android
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Full circle dial

The 1.09 inch round dial design, sleek and stylish streamlined art design, is comfortable and comfortable to wear, showing slenderness on the wrist

Lightweight watch body equipped with large-capacity battery


The Bo body is lighter and more flexible, with sophisticated craftsmanship that is slender on the wrist, with a 150mAh capacity battery, the use time is 3-5 days, the standby time is 10-15 days, and the battery life is long-lasting

Health management, relax together

Heart rate and blood pressure The watch can care about your heart rate and blood pressure in real time when you are running or riding, or lying down and resting. Any heart rate that is too high, too low, or irregular, the watch can warn you in time and understand your heart better than you.


Intimate sedentary reminder

Long-term sedentary is not conducive to establishment, rest in time, environmental fatigue changes unscientific life, bid farewell to sedentary



Your wrist health center

Multiple Sports Modes

The correct way for connecting your watch with your phones.

Misirun-AK22 Smart watch


Motherboard specifications: Comments
Product shape and material: Smart bracelet/main metal,
Main chip model: NRF52832
Body storage capacity (ROM+RAM): 64KB+512KB & add another flash: 64M Byte
Display: Comments
Display type: IPS
Screen resolution: 240*240
Screen size: 1.09inches Colorful LCD
Touch screen: full touch
Sensor and model: Comments (model no.)
Acceleration sensor: YI GUANG PD70-01C-TR7
Bluetooth version: BT4.0
Battery type: polymer
Battery capacity: 150mAh
Health: Comments (model NO.)
Heart rate: YI GUANG PD70-01C-TR7 heart rate
Blood pressure: YES, by software
Compatible software: support IOS 9.0+ and Android 4.4+
Smart watch weight (g): 60g
Waterproof: IP67 waterproof


Functions: message push, step counting, music control, sedentary

reminder, sleep monitoring, remote photo taking, health, heart rate,

blood pressure monitoring


Watch language: Chinese, English, German

App support languages: Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English,

Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, French,

Vietnamese, Portuguese, Arabic










Q1: Why can't the bracelet receive push notifications?

1. Confirm that the message selection switch is turned on on the mobile client
2. Confirm whether the message can be displayed normally in the notification bar of the mobile phone, and push the message of the bracelet by reading the message in the notification bar of the mobile phone: if there is no alcohol in the notification bar of the mobile phone. The bracelet cannot receive push notifications.
(You need to find the notification and status bar in the phone settings to turn on WeChat, 00. phone, SMS, mobile client message notification)

Q2: Can you soak in hot water

This product is only for cold water. Use in hot water may cause white fog in the lens. Do not soak in hot water.

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